Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Worst Tattoos

Believe it or not this artistic masterpiece did not make it onto this list. Luckily there are many lists out there that catalogue horrific body art, but this one contained some of the most grotesque tattoos I've seen. Whether you think tattoos are clownish or awesome, we can all agree that the individuals pictured here are huge clowns/tools who will have to pretend that they don't regret the twin penis towers on their back for the next 30yrs+.
Never mind how these people got these tattoo ideas in their heads, how did they describe their ill-conceived, retarded brain child?
"Um, yeah I want it to look like there's a cow shitting out of my stomach." OK, I guess that one was pretty straightforward.
"Ray Romano won't return my fan mail. How can I tastefully express my disdain for him in an irretractable manner?"
And what is going on in the tattoo artist's head when some of these individuals describe their ideas? As a creator of body art, do you recognize a tool when you see one (see Mr. Cool Ice)? Have you become desensitized after such over-exposure? Maybe it is within the paramaters of professionalism to act like every idiotic idea some jackass comes up with is a great one to have permanently put on their body. I'd like to think that if someone walked into a tattoo shop and said "I'd like a mural of two mermen making out, with one giving a reach-around to a randomly floating penis, against an ocean backround. Oh and tastefully frame it with two ejaculating penii," the artist would do the courtesy of letting the customer sleep on the idea to be sure. Or just kick him in the merman and throw him out.


MlauwZeDong said...

Before there's any wise comments, yes I realize the irony of me writing this...but c'mon. These are pretty universally horrific.