Monday, May 11, 2009

British Couple Finally Realize House is a Boy

This short BBC article was passed on by a friend. To read about it, click here (and a newer article here). In summary, some rich British couple just realized that their kid painted a huge "phallus" on the roof of their mansion over a year ago. Two questions come to mind:
1) If you didn't wan't your teenage son to draw a penis on your house, why did you flatten your roof into a giant, grey canvas?
2) "He'll have to scrub it off when he gets back from traveling." So until then, the weiner stays?
I also wonder how these people finally found out that this was on their roof. I'm guessing someone else must've told them, in which case I wish I could've heard that conversation. Did some pilot randomly call or stop by one day ..."Hello Mr. and Mrs. Cockhouse, I just wanted to tell you that your roof has an enormous dick on it. Good day."


dalibero said...

HAHA, turns out the kid was inspired to do it after he watched a documentary on Google Earth. And yes, the people who spotted it were taking a helicopter tour when they made the pilot swoop in for a closer look.

closetdoorsbroken said...

You know what they say ... the pen IS mightier!

Baumer said...

are you selling penis mightiers? you're sitting on a gold mine!