Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Current HOF NFL Players

This doesn't really have anything to do with clownery....just bored at work. Instead of being productive I've been trying to come up with a list of the curren NFL players that will definately be Hall of Famers. Theres also a list of probables - due to either not quite long enough careers (Ed Reed) or just borderline status (Donovan McNabb). Here's what I've come up with so far:

Definate HOF:
Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Terrel Owens, Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, Ladainian Tomlinson, Ray Lewis, Derrick Brooks, Brian Urlacher, Junior Seau, Brian Dawkins, Champ Bailey, Tony Gonzalez, Allen Faneca, Jonathan Ogden, Orlando Pace
Probable HOF: Donovan McNabb, Kurt Warner, Steve Smith, Isaac Bruce, Randy Moss, Chad Johnson, Ty Law, Richard Seymour, Julius Peppers, Ted Washington, Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed, Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson
Agree with the placement? Think anyone's missing?


dalibero said...

Definite HOF left of your list: Edgerrin James (active leading rusher, 12,000+ yards, multiple rushing titles) How do you overlook a player like James?

HOF Probables - I say locks:
Randy Moss, Walter Jones. A few stats for Moss: 59 career 100 yard games - tied for 2nd all-time. Only player in NFL history to record 1,200+ receiving yards in his first six seasons. 13,000+ yards receiving. Walter Jones has a dozen Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections.

Not on your list, probable:
Antonio Gates - if he keeps up this pace he will meet or exceed Gonzalez. Certainly has work to do.

MlauwZeDong said...

Good call with James, totally forgot about him as he's faded into the twilight of his career. Agree that Walter Jones is probably going to be a lock. Moss obviously has the stats. I'm not sure how much of a problem his inconsistent career (disappearing act in Oakland) will affect his HOF status.

Baumer said...

Not sure who Chad Johnson is, but Polamalu should be on the COF list, Clowns of Fame even though "clown" replacing "hall" doesn't make sense. Neither does his hair. And he smells.

- Adam "Pacman" Benson