Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hey! Where da chicken at?

This is too ridiculous to write about.
Rochester Popeyes' have run out of Chicken. That's right. Chicken. Out of it.

This rivals the Leprechaun siting in Crichton, Alabama

and Bubb Rubb & Lil' Sis

1. How do you run out of chicken when you knew about this special 2 months ago? I mean, people got families to feed. You can't assume that they'd go to a grocery store and buy food or anything crazy like that. We got people to feed damnit! Where's my Popeyes?!?!
2. Do white people eat at Popeyes?
3. Couldn't someone get a tractor trailer or something in the back and keep that chicken on ice? Jeez!


dalibero said...

Only in the ROC