Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Torso-Man Update!

Here it is folks, Kyle Maynard had his first MMA fight! Oh boy! What an exciting fight it was! It literally looked like a baby trying to eat a grown man's foot. Where the hell did he get the idea that this would actually work?

DAILY CLOWN: Just picture trying to fight a baby who hasn't learned how to walk yet and you'll get the picture.


MlauwZeDong said...

Did that kid really have an MMA fight? I don't believe it. How 'mixed' can ones martial arts be without any limbs? Is there video of this event?

MlauwZeDong said...

News article about the fight with some pictures that illustrate just how ridiculous this was:


Favorite quote from the article - "By the second round, Maynard was visibly frustrated, and growing tired, while each time he put his head down and charged on all fours, he was turned away or sidestepped. He was physically unable to grab, and had no other answer for chopping down Fry. Maynard was the bowling ball, but the pin was always moving."

dalibero said...

speaking of disabled wrestlers ... anyone watch House last night? Some great quips about deaf kids