Monday, April 27, 2009

Goderdzi Love His Ball

Goderdzi loves his ball. He loves it so much he just wants to bounce it. Bounce it all day! This video makes me think of Charlie Williams' Soccer Legends Camp. What a crock of shit that camp was. It was worth the t-shirt, but I can think of maybe 1 or 2 situations in all of my soccer career where I needed to use a move ("do the croif!"). I guess this is pretty cool since he's really good at heading a ball, but where is the practicality in that? If that douche tried doing that in a soccer game, he'd either
A. get his ankles broken
B. hugged from Farber.

By the way, this guy probably sucks as a teammate. F-you dude.

Daily Clown: Goderdzi "balls-all-over-my-face" McGee


MlauwZeDong said...

Charlie Williams = child molester. He lured in young boys with his fancy ball-skills moves and promises of soccer stardom...only to disrobe in front of all of them

dalibero said...

What a fucking idiot. Imagine all the things you get done in the eight hours it took this asshole to stop juggling a ball. I mean, that's a whole day of work! On second thought, advantage Goderzi. Touche my Georgian Friend, Touche.